Did you know… that four in ten Australians moved house in the past 5 years*? Your community might be changing as a result.
*2011 Census of Population and Housing.

Get a clear picture of your local community with an NCLS Community Social Profile

  • Understand the social demographics of your community
  • Strengthen your connections

The Community Social Profile

NCLS Community Social Profile offers you demographic research that is:

Targetedyou specify the address and the radius of the area to be covered
Accessiblethe clear presentation makes it easy to explain to everyone
Cost-effectiveit saves you days of work collecting this depth of information
Ready-to-useopen the report to see information at your fingertips share or print

Understand the social demographics of your community

For your chosen area, the 28 page colour report uses census information* to provide a targeted report about your community of interest.

The Community Social Profile explores 6 key categories in detail, showing change over time and distinctiveness measures for your community. The easy to understand layout includes summary graphics, tables and maps of your area showing you where different people live.  More

Strengthen your connections

Accompanying resources help you get the most out of your CSP, including a Guide book, which explains the 6 key categories in detail and highlights national social trends. A series of tip sheets show you how to use your CSP to focus on different groups in your community e.g. children & families, youth, seniors, multicultural groups and new residents.  More